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How Do I Find My House Value?

As a home-seller, you’re probably asking yourself “What is my house value?” With GoodMove, you don’t have to wonder any longer. We’ve got a whole host of helpful ways for you to decide the final asking price of your home, and prevent yourself from being fooled by anyone who wants to buy your property for less than it’s worth.

Knowing How To Sell Your Home

There are dozens of different ways to sell a property, and the open market is just one of them. To ensure you get the best deal possible, you need to consider every option. If you’re concerned about getting out from under your mortgage, think about a short sale instead of the market. With a short sale, you sell the house AND earn loan forgiveness on your underwater mortgage, but you have to make a deal with your lender to do it. If you sell your home through a cash-for-homes business like GoodMove, you’ll make less money than you would on the open market, but you also get to sell as-is and you don’t have to pay commission fees. If you still want to sell with a realtor, you might make more money on the market, but you do have to pay a commission and the realtor might say you need to stage or renovate your home– taking more money out of your pocket.

Avoiding Common Home-Selling Mistakes

When you sell a home, there are many common misconceptions that fill the industry. For example, there’s no real need to renovate when selling. All it does is take money out of your pocket, and it often costs more to renovate than it earns in the sale. Instead, it’s a better choice to repaint or refinish key surfaces throughout your home, because if your house looks nice on the outside, it’s more likely that a buyer will fall in love. Furthermore, don’t expect your home’s value to be the same as you bought it for. The market fluctuates often, and depending on the state of your home and neighbourhood, that can swing the value of your home both up or down. Don’t get tripped up in common mistakes- instead, price your home savvily, and you’ll have an easier time selling.

Comparing Prices With The Market

One of the best ways to estimate your home’s value is by looking at other homes in the area. Your own neighbourhood is often the best way to predict how your home is going to sell, and you need to utilise that resource to its fullest extent when selling. If there aren’t many homes like yours in your area, you need to expand your research, and look in cities of similar size to your own. If you live in a rural area, simply look for homes in the UK that are in the same condition and are roughly the same size as yours. The whole country has a housing market, and it can be just as useful as your local housing market when you’re trying to price a home.

Talking To A Realtor

While we here at GoodMove aren’t always on board with real estate agents, we have to admit that they’re integral to the way many people price their homes. Real estate agents have been in the business a long time, and they know all of the ins and outs. It’s also their job to know everything about the housing market, so they’ll definitely know how much your home is meant to be worth. Many realtors are paid on commission, though, which means that they get to take a cut of the profits after you sell your home. Be wary of higher prices when realtors give you an estimate, because they’re always looking to make more money.

The Best Way To Sell Your Home

If you don’t want your realtor to swindle you when selling a home, your best bet is a reliable cash-for-homes service like GoodMove. We’re here to help you answer the common question “What is my house value?”, and find a deal that you can’t turn down. With our years in the business and our ability to buy your home in as-is condition, GoodMove is one of the best buyers on the market– and you can’t ignore that.

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